Daily's Web Design assists small to medium sized businesses with domain register, web site design, web site maintenance, updates, photo scans, and search engine listings. We walk you through each process so you get exactly what you want on your web site.

Domain Register
The first step in setting up a web site is to grab up a domain name. We recommend using www.godaddy.com as your domain register.

Why godaddy.com?
Well, to be honest we have been through the hoops with a handful of other domain registers. Our experience tells us that godaddy.com knows how to treat a customer. We can easily maneuver through their site and quite frankly have NEVER had trouble managing sites with them. That says it all.

Web Hosting

Hosting is an important part of your package. The old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" There are cheaper host out there and lots hosting companies that promise you the world. Here are two Web Host Companies that we trust, we know the tech help by name and use them on a regular basis, MTA Online & Tel Alaska, but if you prefer we would be glad to work with a host company you have already chosen.

Add on-line ordering to your web site with world-wide trusted Pay Pal

Don't let that potential sale get away because you don't have a secure web site for online orders. Set up an affordable Merchant tools Pay Pal account and we'll do the rest.

Add chat rooms & posting forums
Need a forum for your visitors to post messages? Have you always wanted a live chat room? It's easy and affordable. Ask us how.

Add Video & Audio
Now you can show and tell people about your products with video and audio samples placed on your web site.

Need Web Updates?
We respond quickly to your needs, we know how important it is to have accurate information on your web site.

and about those search engines...
Please do not depend solely on search engines for your traffic! It's important to find alternative ways to attract traffic to your web site. If you're fortunate enough to achieve a high search engine ranking, consider it a bonus. But do not make the search engines a priority!
Why? Because when you stop to consider that Goggle, MSN, DMOZ and Yahoo to name a few, have millions and millions of pages in their directories, you'd really have a better chance of winning the lottery, than getting high enough in the results pages and STAYING there, where it's going to make a significant difference in your traffic. Search engines change continuously. You may be at the top today and next week #300. In fact, I receive a very tiny percentage of my traffic from the search engines. So, where's my traffic coming from? Well, the vast majority of it comes from word of mouth. I also get traffic via ads I place in magazines, newspapers & other web sites. Be diverse, spend money on those full color brochures, produce an annual newsletter, place ads in local papers, run promotions as well as some good old fashion PR. Your web site is just another tool in the mix.

Web Banners

Contact us for quotes on flash animation, java scripts and more!


Need sound added to your web site?

We work directly with professional sound guy Pete Summers. Visit Arctic Echoes for all your "voice" advertising needs!


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